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Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls for Feed Online Training

Application of HACCP Principles to build a FSMA food safety plan

Online Lectures & Forms

The presentations, notes, examples, and forms listed below are the basis for our online and on-site courses. These materials are provided free-of-charge. We hope you’ll find the information helpful as you begin to develop and implement your HACCP plan or consider registering for one of our courses.

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HACCP Overview
Overview of HACCP Principles | PDF
Feed Industry Structure and the role of HACCP | PDF
Implementing and Maintaining HACCP in Your Facility | PDF

Prerequisite Programs
Prerequisite to HACCP | PDF
Standard Operating Procedures | PDF
Sanitation and Standard Operating Procedures | PDF

Hazard Identification
Biological Hazards | PDF | Example
Chemical Hazards and Controls | PDF
Mycotoxins | PDF
Physical Hazards and Controls | PDF

HACCP Principles
Principle 1: Hazard Analysis | PDF
Principle 2: Critical Control Points | PDF
Principle 3: Critical Limits | PDF
Principle 4: Monitoring | PDF
Principle 5: Corrective Actions | PDF
Principle 6: Verification | PDF
Principle 7: Establishing Recordkeeping Procedures | PDF

FSPCA Presentations
Preface: Introduction to the Course | PDF
Chapter 1: Regulatory Overview | PDF
Chapter 2: CGMPs | PDF
Chapter 3: Animal Food Safety Hazards | PDF
Chapter 4: Overview of the Food Safety Plan | PDF
Chapter 5: Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls Determination | PDF
Chapter 6: Required Preventive Control Management Componenets | PDF
Chapter 7: Process Preventive Controls | PDF
Chapter 8: Sanitation Controls | PDF
Chapter 9: Supply-Chain Applied Controls | PDF
Chapter 10: Recall Plan | PDF

HACCP Plan Resources
How to Complete a HACCP Plan | PDF
Product Ingredients and Incoming Materials Form
Product Description Form
Premix Plant Flow Diagram (PDF and Excel File) | Microsoft Excel
Hazard Analysis Form
CCP Decision Tree Form
Critical Limits, Monitoring and Corrective Actions Form
Record Keeping and Verification Form
HACCP Plan Summary Form
Completed HACCP Plan Example

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